Jermaine Landsberger

“In the evolution of any instrument, there’s only a handful who are really innovative. This guy’s one of them. Jermaine Landsberger is a formidable artist, a master with the flame!” – Pat Martino

Jermaine Landsberger comes from a Sinti family and has made many albums as a jazz pianist under his own name.

Originally inspired by the sound of Django Reinhardt, later he focused on modern jazz and developed his own B3 tone in a completely innovative way. He combined his virtuoso piano style with the earthy and bluesy organ sound to create a highly explosive blend.

Landsberger has played with Pat Martino, Bireli Lagrene, Martin Taylor, Andre Ceccarelli, Harvey Mason, James Genus, Andreas Öberg, Dennis Chambers, Paulo Morello, Tony Lakatos, Davide and Lorenzo Petrocca, Torsten Goods, Helmut Kagerer, Martin Gjakonowski and many more…

Jermaine’s debut record, Gettin’ Blazed, was released on Resonance in April 2009.

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